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Anonymous: omg That 70s Show, Freaks and Geeks, Saved by the Bell, My Mad Fat Diary are all really gooood (but I don't know if you like series like those)

I’ve watched them all except for Freaks and Geeks maybe I should watch that one! (I’ve cried many times during My Mad Fat Diary tbh I’m sad it’s finished) Thank you !!

sicktalk said: orange is the new black is good! also im obsessed with hannibal right now

Thank you!! Oh yes I still need to finish Hannibal I stopped watching it halfway season 1 I think hehe

youresodark said: I’m watching Suits now and its p good, also Freaks and Geeks is nice idk rlly what seriesyou’d like!

Thank you I’ll definitely check them out!!!!!! :D

diiv-in said: if u havent already, Game Of Thrones is amazing, i’ve only really just started it and im addicted

Yeeess I’m already watching GOT it’s amazing I’m telling you, you will cry a lot !!!! But thank you :~)

Heyy does anyone have any recommendations for good series???? I finished Twin Peaks & I’m sad because I have nothing to watch anymore pls help me out !!!!!


German Painters (e.g. Friedrich) of the Romantic era saw nature as a form of religion. Forests consisting of high trees where seen as cathedrals, created by God himself


I bought two really nice lipsticks today, and I am really happy because I looove makeup but I’d never worn lipstick before!
(the other lipstick was a nude but all the selfies were disgustingly ugly)

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