Crappy analog photo I took of Babyshambles at Rock Werchter ♡

Crappy analog photo I took of Babyshambles at Rock Werchter 


Jacco Gardner at Mississippi Studios 5.12.14


Jacco Gardner at Mississippi Studios 5.12.14

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'A Food Tale' by Alessandro Casagrande for Nou Magazine.

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Yesterday I watched Evil Dead and I never really get creeped out by horror movies but this one was just gross and it went too far and I didn’t want to see some of that shit and I dreamt that the thing that happened in that house, happened to my high school too wtf man a few people I used to dislike a lot turned into these evil bitches and shouting things like ‘He’s coming for you’ ‘You will become the Devil’s bitch’ and I started to panic because I didn’t want to become the Devil’s bitch. I locked all the cursed people in one classroom because it was impossible to kill them all but a few very important things were in that room as well so I almost cried because I’d have to open that room to get all that stuff and probably die but that’s when I woke up because work called me lmao I hate horror movies.

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The L’Officiel video is so important

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Kind of rude though I cancelled hanging out with my friends today because I was supposed to go to work but they called me only this morning that I don’t have to come and it’s been the 1000th time that they did that to me like :///////// are you fucking kidding me

WOAH DUDE my boss called me and I decided not to pick up because I had to work in like 2 hours anyway and I wanted them to leave me the fuck alone for a moment but I decided to call them back anyway because maybe it was urgent and I don’t want to be a bitch and he told me I don’t have to work today AND thursday woah dude I’m kind of happy but also sad because this means less €€€ but yeah man whatever I’ve been working really hard for the past few weeks so it’s going to be a lot more money than I’m used to right so I’m just going to enjoy the free time in the sun today B)

I dreamt a few really weird and fucked up things last night wow.

Anonymous asked:

short short short shortttt! (u are so very beautiful, it's incredible)

Haha yeah I like my short hair too but idk man sometimes I miss being able to hide my entire face in my hair and other things about having long hair but thank you so much wow 

Idk man should I let my hair grow out long again or not ???????

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christ you are So. Beautiful.

Wow thank you <3<3

We’re watching Evil Dead I want to fucking cry